How do FDC scheme owners make thier money?

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How can Family Day Care scheme owners make their money?

The scheme owners charge the following fees

  • Educators yearly registration
  • Educators levies
  • Child enrolment fee
  • Parents Levies

Below is an estimated calculation of how much money a scheme owner can expect to make within the first year of operation with the 12-educator capacity

Figures below act only as an illustration, actual earning will differ between individual scheme owners.

When you first apply for Service approval, scheme owners can apply to have up to 12 educators on their Capacity and then apply for an amendment to increase their capacity after 12 months or so of operation.

  • Educators yearly registration could be $250

(this is what the educator will pay the scheme every year)

  • Educators levies is as follows about $1.20 per hour / per child x 50 hours

(maximum hours per week care per child)     


  $420 per educator x 12 educators = $5040.0 per week (Scheme owner’s takings)

= $60.00 per child per week x 7 children(this is how much each educator is to give the scheme owner every week)(this could be $150 as a once off fee for each child in their family) $1.20 per hour / per child x 50 hours (maximum hours per week care per child)

  • Parents Levies is what each parent will pay the scheme = $60.00 per child per week
  •   Child enrolment fee

(maximum children per educator age 5 years old and under) = $420 per /week, per/ educator.

You should have a total of at total of 84 children in your care, which comprises of 7 children for each educator x 12 educators = 84 children The Scheme makes $10080 per/week Don’t forget you also get the one-off child enrolment fee of $150

And every year you get the educator’s registration of $250

Good luck in your decision, if you need any further help or assistance, please know that we at VTABS are here to help you out.

  • =$5040 + $5040=$10080
  • So, 84 children x $60 =$5040

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